Hilariously Adorable Pig Is Just One Of The Pups

Hilariously Adorable Pig Is Just One Of The Pups


Winston Churchill once said, “Always remember, a cat looks down on man, a dog looks up to man, but a pig will look man right in the eye and see his equal.” While I (am biased and) don’t necessarily agree with the bit about cats, the rest is incredibly true. But what happens when one pig is adopted into a home with nine other rescues…seven of which are senior pups?

Well, that pig becomes part of the pack, too! But that doesn’t mean she loses all of her piggy tendencies…

There’s Bikini in the back, a four-year-old potbellied pig. She’s not always quite as invested in what Steve, her human, is doing, but she still likes to be around all of her brothers and sisters!

She loves a good snuggle when it’s time to catch their favorite Sunday night show, just like her canine counterparts.

She might show her piggy side a bit more when lunchtime rolls around…

But when a good cuddle by the fire is on the books, she joins her crew without hesitation.

She’s very obedient when it’s time to ride to the vet. She must be very health-conscious.

It’s hard for Steve to go anywhere in his house without running into one of his furry family members.

But he wouldn’t have it any other way!

Waiting for breakfast. Bikini, Enoch, Englebert, Edna, Phyllis, Loretta, and Eeyore. #ihaventhadcoffeeyet

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The pups range in age from five to 17…

Oh, that ninth animal? It’s a bunny rabbit.

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Definitely wasn’t expecting that fluffy rabbit — but with such a diverse family, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised!

Bikini sure is just one of the pups in this household! She’s ready to take a walk or have a cozy snuggle at the drop of hat.