This Great Tribute To A Man And His Dog Will Leave You...

This Great Tribute To A Man And His Dog Will Leave You Weeping


Nothing can prepare you for saying goodbye to your beloved pet. In the back of our minds, we always know it’s inevitable. But that doesn’t stop us from pushing it as far into the folds of our brains as possible until, sadly, the time comes when we no longer see their sweet face greeting us at the end of the day.

Photographer Ben Moon and his faithful pup Denali spent every possible second together, growing up more like brothers than a man and his pet.

Tribute To A Man And His Dog

Even Moon’s preference for wandering the globe couldn’t keep the two apart.

Tribute To A Man And His Dog

And when Moon was diagnosed with cancer, Denali never left his side.

Tribute To A Man And His Dog
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After Moon’s recovery, the two continued their adventures together until it was Denali’s health which took a turn for the worse.

Before the faithful dog said his last goodbye, the two took a tour of their favorite places to relive all their happy memories. Moon brought along a film crew of friends to capture their last adventure together, and the result is this incredibly touching tribute to their priceless time as best buddies, told from Denali’s perspective.

Brace yourself for a serious sobfest before pressing play.

The handsome pup was clearly loved by everyone who got the chance to spend some time with him, but nothing compares to the bond between him and his human. Now please excuse me while I find the nearest dog for me to give a great big hug.